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Your smile is often the first thing people notice, which is why it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. But, keeping your teeth and gums in good shape means more than just brushing and flossing each day. It means visiting your dentist for routine cleanings and checkups. It also means using proper techniques while you brush and floss to ensure you’re removing all the food and debris that tends to get in the crevices where tooth decay is likely to hide. Fortunately, at Grillo Dental, our dental professionals have the skills and expertise to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong for life. If you’re located in the Hartford, Manchester, or Windsor area, and you’re looking for a South Windsor dentist who can help you maintain good oral health, we’re here to help.


What Is Periodontal Disease?

If you’re concerned about your oral health and think you may have gum disease, it’s important to understand what periodontal disease is and how it can impact the health of your teeth. If you have periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, it means that there is disease or infection around your teeth, which can lead to a variety of more severe issues, including tooth loss, when left untreated. Gingivitis and periodontitis are both considered gum disease and can wreak havoc on your ability to live and function the way you want to. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help reduce your risk of gum disease and prevent any further damage.


Good Oral Hygiene Helps Prevent Gum Disease

When you practice good oral hygiene, you are doing more than simply keeping your teeth and gums in good shape. You’re actually helping to preserve the health of your entire body by reducing your risk of gum disease. Dental conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis can put you at risk for tooth loss and are connected to some serious medical conditions involving the heart and lungs. However, keeping your teeth and gums healthy can help reduce your risk of developing serious conditions related to gum disease and can also:


  • Help prevent bad breath
  • Reduce your risk of tooth decay
  • Reduce your risk of tooth loss
  • Help you maintain a better quality of life

What to Expect at Your Initial Appointment

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a dentist or this is your first time visiting us at Grillo Dental, we will need to gather some pertinent information about your dental history and current oral health. In We’ll perform a comprehensive exam of your teeth and gums and you will meet with Dr. Grillo where he will offer advice to help you maintain proper oral hygiene at home as well as discuss the status of your oral health. This is a great time for you to voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have about your oral health and how you can extend the life of your teeth. If we find that you are suffering from gum disease, we’ll discuss any treatments you may need to restore your teeth and gums to optimal health. Treatments may include a deeper cleaning, called scaling and root planing that is designed to remove any debris that may be embedded into the roots of your teeth, or antibiotics to help heal an area of infection in the mouth.  After your initial exam, we will schedule a cleaning and any other treatments that may have been discussed with Dr. Grillo.


Preserving your smile begins with practicing good oral hygiene to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Routine cleanings and checkups, proper brushing and flossing techniques, and early detection of problems before they become serious dental conditions are among the best ways to protect your teeth and maintain a healthy mouth.


As your South Windsor Dentist, our goal is to help provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to maintain good oral health for life.